Why use a public adjuster?

A public adjuster works in your best interest in a property insurance claim situation. They will help you manage the claim, make sure claim filing requirements are met and helps recover the amount a policyholder deserves under their insurance contract.

Unlike the adjuster sent out from your insurance company, the public adjuster works for you. People who used a public adjuster have seen much larger payments made from the insurance company - as shown in the diagram to the right (Source: OPPGA Analysis).

Public Adjusters don't get paid until you get paid.

How We Can Help You

How it Works

Step 1
Schedule a FREE consultation. Call (800) 961-3132 or fill out our contact form for a free consultation. We will review your damages, go over your options and make recommendations based on your policy.
Step 2
Inspection and Claim Filing. If you decide you would like us to intermediate your claim, we will visit your home to access the damages and review your insurance policy. Once we have made a determination, we will file a claim on your behalf.
Step 3
Inspection With Adjustor. Once we have filed a claim with your insurance company, we will schedule a time to perform a joint inspection of the damages with your insurance companies adjuster.
Step 4
Settlement Negotiations. When your insurance company presents their estimate of the damage, we will begin negotiations to maximize your settlement under your policy. Once you are in agreement with the settlement amount we have negotiated, we will settle your claim.

Examples of Actual Claims we worked on

Sable Cove Condominiums
Orignal Insurance Offer: $725,000
They Received: $939,482
Gateway Condominiums
Orignal Insurance Offer: $180,000
They Received: $420,041
Bella Vista Townhomes
Orignal Insurance Offer: $650,000
They Received: $824,070
Glenborough Condominiums
Orignal Insurance Offer: $2,500
They Received: $753,089
Aurora CO Residential
Orignal Insurance Offer: $14,950
They Received: $103,000

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Yes, I want the most for my claim
  • Our insurance company gave us the run around, and it was so frustrating. So glad we contacted the right public adjuster ! Thank you ! Aurora, CO
    Cynthia T.